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For Immediate Release: Jasper Indiana
RACE: The Limestone 100 GNCC
RIDERS: Jed Haines 3rd XC2
Brad Bakken 4th XC2
Leeann Bange 5th Women’s
Zac Nash 2nd 250A
Corey MacDonald 11th Open A
Drexyl Payne 12th 4 Stroke A Lites
Zack Ponder 2nd 85 12-15
Cody Ruckle 4th Supermini 12-13

As the 2012 GNCC season moved into round six the Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding University/ team arrived ready to race! On Saturday it appeared as though weather conditions were not going to cooperate. Minus a rain storm that moved thru during the late hours of the night, the race would have almost perfect conditions! In Youth action Cody Ruckle would put in a solid 4th place ride as Zack Ponder would come home in an impressive 2nd place!
In the A.M. race Leeann Bange made her way to the line in order to compete with some of the top women in the sport. Leeann rode very strong to bring home a 5th place finish. Leeann currently sits 3rd in points trailing 2nd place by only 11 points.

Later in the day Jed, Brad, Zac, Corey and Drexyl lined up for three hours of racing in the woods of Indiana. Zac rode to a 2nd place finish in the ultra-completive 250 A class. He has been a front runner every weekend where he has also come close to the top amateur spot on several occasions.

Brad would put in a great ride finishing just outside of the top three in fourth place. This places Brad 5th in points after six rounds of racing. The highlight of the day for the team was seeing Jed capture his first podium in the XC2 class. Jed has worked very hard towards this his entire career and it was great to see him achieve such a tough task!
Brad – “I got a good start moving into the 3rd spot before the check point one the first lap. Jason Thomas got around me and I tried a different line to get him back which ended badly with Delong and Baylor getting around me. The next couple of laps I would try to push hard and fall so I just backed it down a bit not wanting to crash myself out of the race. My plan somewhat worked with me finishing in the 4th spot.”

Jed – “The weekend was looking good, after walking the track I was excited that I knew my kenda tires and flat tire defenders where going to be doing their jobs on Sunday, the course was a combination of Steele creek and Georgia both of which I like so I was even more excited to go race then, after a few unsuccessful attempts to race with a set strategy we decided to just play the cards we're dealt and hold nothing back, again my Yamaha fired right up on the start and got me in the top 3 against all those 2 strokes, everyone was playing it cautious the first lap or so and the pace was unsettling slow, I just decided to wait for an opportunity to drop the hammer or to go with whoever did first, Thomas was first to pick it up and I went with him but he shortly after missed a turn and I passed him, not wanting to slow down I just kept the hammer down and caught Cody and made a pass, knowing I had the speed I decided to try and run-n-hide but after a few miles I rounded a hard turn to find a soft spot tucking the front end and going over the bars, remounting behind the front pack I was a little frustrated but just kept calm and decided to let them do their thing and ride my own race knowing mistakes would be easy on the fast slippery track, with 2 laps to go I dropped the hammer again and started gaining on a podium spot again, but with some difficulty from lappers closing the gap was beginning to get tough, the last lap I saw a lot of KTM shirts in the woods but wasn’t sure who it was since I knew a lot of people were having problems, when I came around to the pits they said I needed gas but I knew I’d make it without stopping, that’s when Richard yelled I was in third and I stopped to make sure while they gave me a splash of gas, indeed I was in 3rd so I rode the last few miles smart to not throw away a dream finish, not the way I want to get a podium with Baylor having problems but we're all on machines and it happens, cannot thank the team enough and everyone for yelling for me and cheering me on, was an amazing feeling to get the Obermeyer Yamaha/ Raines Riding University/ yz250f on the podium!

I want to say to that I have nothing against Stu or KTM when I said on the podium that I was glad someone ended his streak, as a fan it’s not as exciting to see someone winning all the races and as a competitor of him it’s frustrating to have the media write everyone else off that lines up to compete against him, anyone can be beaten any weekend”

2012 Zach Ingram Race Report

Series: National Enduro
Event/Loc/Date: Round # 5, Forrest Hill, LA USA
Bike: 2012 Husaberg TE 250
Outcome: 2nd 250 A 13th Overall

Before the Race: After somewhat of an off weekend at the last GNCC in Kentucky, I was looking forward to the enduro in Louisiana. We got to the track Saturday afternoon where we found very dry conditions. It was going to be a hot and dusty race, but I was prepared for whatever was to come.

Race: Test one started right at camp and it was pretty cool to hear the Acadiana dirt riders announcing everyone’s names as their row took off. When row 26 came around, Shane Hufford led the way with me and Kyle Mcdonal in tow. The first test was very dry and hard packed and I really wasn’t “feeling” it. Mcdonal was going faster than me, so I let him go and finished with an average time. Test two was much better as it was tighter and not quite as dusty. At the first gas I got refueled, and put down a quick sandwich for some energy. Test 3 was by far the fastest of the day. It was nice to open it up a little, but at the same time it was pretty sketchy with the dusty conditions. Test 4 was relatively uneventful as I kept charging and riding my own race. The last two tests were my favorite of the day. The 11 and 15 mile sections were a lot of fresh trail that I felt very comfortable on. I was able to post the 11th fastest overall time in the sixth section which I was happy about, proving I have the speed and endurance to finish up there. I ended the day with another second place finish behind Grant Baylor, but my best overall of the year in 13th!

After Race Thoughts: I would say about half of the race went really well today, and the other half was just about average. It was tough to push from the start of each test when I was stuck in dust for the first mile or so, but I made the best of it. We now have a long break until the next national in Wyoming, and I plan on riding as much as possible and picking up my training schedule now that I have finished my freshman year of college, giving me some more free time. Huge thanks to my family and friends who are supporting me as I chase my dreams.

Those that finished At the Top: 1. Baylor (KTM) 2. Ingram (Airgroup/Husaberg) 3. Trammell (KTM)


2012 Shane Hufford Jr Race Report

Series: NEPG National Enduro Series
Event/Loc/Date: Round #4, Forest Hill L.A.
Bike: 2012 Husaberg TE 250
Outcome: 7th PRO 7th OA

Before the Race: I took off school Thursday and Friday so my friend Tanner Thomas and
I could make the trip down south to the enduro. It was a pretty long trip from home being about 22 hours, so it was nice to be able to have two whole days just to get the drive out
of the way. We arrived in Alexandria Louisiana around 5:00 Friday evening. It was then when I knew it was going to be a hot race. Saturday morning my dad flew in to Alexandria and
we headed to the race. When we got there I got the bike unloaded and went out to assure everything was good on the 2 mile test loop at the event. The bike was running great and
I was having a lot of fun but I knew I could only do a lap or two because I wanted to safe myself for the race.

Race: It sure did not cool down anymore for the race on Sunday. This really did not bother me too much because I know I can usually take the heat pretty well. The track was pretty fast but it also had some slow spots to it which made for an awesome race. The first test was pretty rough and on the faster side which I liked. But I did make a few little mistakes and it cost me a little time but I still finished the test in 6th. The Second test I Finished 7th, this test was much slower and it just took me a little time to get the rhythm in this test. Both the 3rd and 4th tests were good tests for me finishing 5th and 6th. The fifth test I think the heat got to me a little finishing 8th. But I cooled back down and sucked it up for the last 14 mile test and finished 5th in that test.

After Race Thoughts: The day went pretty good and I can’t be upset with the result because I have been struggling a little at some of the enduro’s this year, so it feels good to know I had some times that were close to the leaders. I know I am still capable of more and I plan to keep on working at it for the next half of the season. I could never do it without my parents who put up with all the racing and all my sponsors thank you.

Those that finished At the Top:

1. Baylor (KTM) 2. Lafferty (Husaberg) 3, Andrew Delong (Husqvarna)


For Immediate Release: Jasper Indiana

RACE: Steel Creek, Morganton NC

RIDERS: Brad Bakken 3rd

Jed Haines 4th

Corey MacDonald 1st Open A

Jason Raines 1st Sportsman A (morning race overall)


Round three of the 2012 GNCC series made its way to the Steel Creek Campground in Morganton, NC this past weekend. The Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding University/ race team was there to be a big part of the action! The team had a great day from the mini bikes all the way up to the XC2 guys! Brad scored his first podium of the year finishing a strong 3rd. Jed would follow him in for the fourth place position. In the Open A class Corey MacDonald would nearly bring home the top amateur award until a last lap crash would barely place him in 2nd overall and 1st in the Open A class! In the A.M. race, the boss man Jason Raines threw his hat into the Sportsman A ring where he would win the class and the overall for the morning race!

Brad – “I got a good start and barely missed the holeshot to Cody Gragg. Going into the woods I was stuck behind Gragg and Lojack for a while before passing them. From there I rode with Thomas for a while until I crashed on a hill. From that point on I told myself to ride smart and smooth. I caught back up to Thomas and passed him pretty quickly. From there I continued my game plan of staying consistent and landed on the podium. I’m really happy with the 3rd place finish which moves me into 5th in points. Going into Big Buck I’m hoping to improve on today’s finish and I’d like to see myself and Jed on the box there! I’d really like to thank everyone that helps me out and thanks to my Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding University/ team for all of their support!”

Jed- “I decided to pick a further outside start spot than normal in hopes to not get stuck in the first turn. the bike fired right up and i went around the first turn in the top 5 and the first fourstroke, rode the first lap behind Brad and was comfortable with the pace but he got around 2 slower riders in front of us and pulled away, i got too excited and ended up with arm pump even after i got around the 2 riders, the arm pump gave me problems the second lap resulting in 2 hard crashes that left the bike twisted and me frustrated, when I came into the pits i didn’t rush and the team did their jobs and calmed me down, the third lap I settled in and started to flow nice, from there on i just kept pushing harder and harder where I could and kept the bike off the ground picking off riders every lap, when the 2 lap board came out I was gain on a podium position so I let it all hang out without making too big of mistakes, didn't have quite enough time or speed to catch Brad for third but salvaged a good result after being as far back as 12th one the first pit stop, am frustrated with myself not riding my own race the first 2 laps but am happy that my fitness is where it needs to be and allowed me to regroup.”

Corey-“After the xc2 started I was watching Ricky Towery and the flag. I’ve watched him for so long that I know him and his twitches before the start. I kept watching for the signs and there they were. I missed the holeshot but still had a great start! I found myself in second going into the woods. At first I was experiencing some armpump but I was able to get my breathing right and relax. This allowed me to keep pushing thru the entire day. After lap one I was leading the overall out of all the armatures! Me and Plessinger were within a second of each other all day. On the last lap I had a 5 second lead on him until I went over the bars and stalled the bike. I knew that I had lost about 45 seconds but kept pushing on regardless. I could hear him behind me but I wasn’t going to let him around me. This was one of my favorite tracks so far and my Suspension worked awesome! The bike worked awesome! If I hadn’t of crashed on the last lap I would have had the overall amateur. Everything worked so well today and my Kenda tires hooked up great! I’ll come back
at Big Buck and get the overall amateur!”

Jason- “My Yamaha YZ 250 started on the first kick today as usual. From there I grabbed the holeshot and stayed up front the entire day. Me and Casey battled back and forth as we moved thru traffic. We came up to one bottleneck on a hill where I made it up pretty clean and never looked back! The YZ250 worked great today!”

With great finishes throughout the team the South Carolina round can’t get here quick enough! The team plans to take the momentum and keep it rolling at Big Buck!

Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding University/ River Ranch results

Brad Bakken 3rd XC2 Jed Haines 4th XC2 Corey MacDonald 3rd Open A Zac Nash 3rd 250 A Drexel Payne 11th 4 Stroke A lites Leeann Bange 5th Women Cody Ruckle 4th 85 (14-15) Zack Ponder 3rd 85 (12-13)






HBD MotoGrafx has signed the new Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines
University/Off Road Viking race team for 2012.

We look forward to having them run our high quality graphics as they contend in the 2012 National Enduro Series as well as the GNCC Series.

Good Luck to
Brad Bakken XC2/NEPG
Morgan Moss XC2/NEPG
Jed Haines XC2/NEPG
Zac Nash 250A GNCC, OMA
Drexel Payne 4 stroke lites GNCC, NEPG
Jordan Milbauer Women’s GNCC
Le Ann Bange Women’s GNCC
Cody Ruckle Youth GNCC
Zack Ponder Youth GNCC
Cooper Bailey GNCC
Corey MacDonald GNCC



PRESS RELEASE - December 18, 2007

HBD MotoGrafx and Raines Riding University have teamed up again for 2012

We are super pumped to be back with Jason and his riding University. Jason is a great ambassador for our sport; we are pleased that he chose HBD MotoGrafx out of all the many companies out there to provide him with you high quality graphics.

Check out for more information on when his up coming schools will be and you can also check for monthly rider tips from Jason, as well as our monthly specials.

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- November 30, 2007

HBD MotoGrafx has signed the new Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines University/Off Road Viking race team for 2012.

We look forward to having them run our high quality graphics as they contend in the
2012 National Enduro Series as well as the GNCC Series.

You can be apart of HBD MotoGrafx, just email us your resume to

Team replica kits will be available in January 2012!